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Taking You Beyond the Wedding: A Midi Dress Edit.

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to read 🙂 Things have been a little busy lately and I haven’t had much of a chance to update things over here but I have spent a LOT of time in the shops so thought I’d share some finds with you over the coming weeks. First up my dress edit – simply because this seems to be the focus of lots of enquiries recently!

I am not affiliated with any brand and all my selections are based purely on what I like! Every single lady I shop with is different and so one dress definitely doesn’t fit all but hopefully this can be a good starting point to get you inspired.

When dressing for a wedding I personally like to go with a more relaxed vibe rather than too formal. I’d shy away from fascinators in favour of a hair slide or hairband and look for relaxed fabrics that feel comfortable but look elegant yet effortless. Of course, there are many other options to rock at a wedding such as a co-ord, a fab trouser suit or a beautiful skirt and top but this is purely an edit of the dresses I’m loving right now.

A great affordable option from Topshop at £39. Florals are so pretty at a wedding. I love the colours in this although the same shape is also available in a number of different patterns. The slits prevent it from being too ‘twee’ and there are countless options of shoes you could wear with this. It looks very cute with a little basket back but you could go bold on the bag and pull out one of the colours in the dress.

I love the vibrancy of the print on this Monsoon dress. It isn’t somewhere that I often shop but I came across this while researching for someone recently. It would work well for a wedding with a strappy heel and then again on holiday with a pair of leather flip flops.

I love the Boho feel of this dress, it is so floaty and cool while being quite statement in an understated way if that makes sense! Add silver strappy heels and a little rafia bag and you are good to go. Whether you love this or not, check out Ghost as your go to for wedding guest dresses as they are always gorgeous!

To be honest I got a bit bored of Self Portrait dresses because for so long the cut out lace dresses were the go to wedding guest dress and were copied everywhere! But I have been loving Self Portrait again recently (amazing edit in Harrods) and feel like there’s lots I’d like to wear. Some of their dresses are currently on sale at Matches but be quick as the one above is selling fast with £100 off! Love it though and feel like it’ll be a go to for lots of weddings to come.

I couldn’t ever do a wedding dress edit without including a Rixo number in there! I love the bold prints and beautiful fabrics but for me it’s the fit that keeps me going back and buying more. This fits amazingly and I’ve had so many compliments about it. I know I will wear this for years to come.

Different from the rest as this one has sleeves but I love it. It’s so nice to wear colour to a wedding and this dress really caught my eye as it reminded me of a dress by Tibi that I loved last season. This would be beautiful on a warm skin tone, and I’d wear very simple jewellery and leave the rest to to the dress. When considering shoes, again I would go with something barely there in nude or a pale metallic perhaps. Just as in the image above! Other Stories are brilliant for affordable dress options, and if this colour isn’t for you they have this shape in a number of different shades so do check them out.

Kitri again is a great go to brand for dresses. I love this dress as a potential wedding guest dress as I feel it’s the kind of thing you can really dress up with the right shoes (much more elegant and strappy than above image) and a statement earring. The sleeves gift it a pretty detail and I love that it looks elegant but relaxed.

There are so many lovely Reformation dresses, but I particularly love this one! Stocked on Net-a-Porter you can browse the range and order from there. They are quite simple in their design but look expensive due to the perfect detailing. Lots of mini options too but I am selecting midi as that is what I am drawn to for a wedding. These dresses are true to size but if you are between sizes I would probably size up. This particular dress will take you from wedding to a BBQ, then to brunch and back again.

I could honestly go on for hours with this! So many brilliant dresses that can be reworn after the wedding. I’ll leave you with another Kitri dress simply because I think this screams fun. I’d love to wear this to hit the dance floor at a wedding but i think you could also make it work with trainers and a denim jacket for the spring/summer months. Plus it is half price and who doesn’t love a bargain!

Definitely not with the boots but you get the idea! Next to no jewellery and a red lip and I’d be skipping off happy as anything.

Hoping to be back very soon with lots more to share.

As always do feel free to message me with any qs and if you’d like to enquire about personal styling or wardrobe edits I am available for a free consultation!

Libby xx

A quick round up of snow boots

Hi guys I had so many messages today asking what snow boots I’d recommend. I don’t actually own any! But I was intrigued so here’s a round up of some pairs I thought looked good…

If money were no object I’d probably go for something like this:


But for over £500 I think I’ll leave them!

Love these by Ganni but I think they could get wrecked in really deep snow:


Sorel is a good practical quality brand to consider. I like this hybrid between trainer and boot as think it’s really practical  particularly in a city where the snow isn’t too high.


I found this bargain purchase from Acne. Love them! And love how the silver brightens even the gloomiest of days. They do them in lots of colours but these are a really good buy. Not specifically a snow boot but a boot you can wear in the snow none the less.


Similar look but cheaper are these Tamaris from Zalando:

Also like these:


Love these by Tommy Hilfiger but they’re selling fast…



And finally, these are a bit of cuteness for the snowy weather – also available in other colours:


OR you could just stick two pairs of socks on and a pair of wellies and wait for the snow to pass!!

Let me know if you buy or try any of them or if you find a really good alternative on the high street!

Stay warm guys xxx


Style Ruts be Gone

Hi guys, I thought I’d write and share with you some of my top tips for breaking out of a style rut following a wardrobe edit I did for a lovely client yesterday. Clients often describe themselves to me as being ‘in a rut,’ and I am here to tell you that just because you feel that way now, does not mean that you will feel that way forever. Below are a few suggestions from me that will get you back to feeling your best self again!

  1. Go for a run.

Bear with me ok. This actually works. I would never profess to being the world’s biggest gym bunny or exercise addict BUT after living in Oz during 2008 (one of my best year’s EVER), I truly learnt firsthand the amazing benefits of exercise. I honestly believe a bit of exercise can change how you feel and look at yourself in your clothes and give you a new lease of life. It might be your idea of hell, but try not to think too much – get those tunes pumping and just make yourself do it. Even for 15 minutes. It kind of refreshes you and helps you to look at things with fresh vision. Including your wardrobe and the clothes you buy. It blows away the cobwebs and sheds new light on things. Believe me, it helps me every time I am feeling stuck in a rut with anything!

2. Give Instagram a break

Crazy woman you might say seeing as I am on Instagram. Surely Instagram is THE best place for fashion inspiration? YES, sometimes – when you are feeling on form with your style and confident in your choices. However, I believe it can be a total minefield if you’re unsure about what your personal style is. You can get so consumed in it and taken in so many different directions that suddenly you’ve spent 2 hours looking at literally 100’s of images and you are mightily confused about what it is you actually like. Anyone? Go old school and make things simple. Buy a magazine and go and have a coffee, check out Vogue, Grazia, Look, The Sunday Times magazine etc for inspiration. It is far less overwhelming and will give you a much clearer idea about what is currently on trend and available in the shops. I also think the ‘inspiration’ pages on retailers websites are a good place to get ideas from. Look at the online editorials for retailers which often have some really good content and show interesting ways to style pieces that you might already own. I also like Pinterest for creating a moodboard and pinning images I am inspired by in one place.

3. Sort out your wardrobe (or have a wardrobe edit!)

If you feel like you’re wearing the same thing everyday, you need to step back and reassess the clothes you have. The chances are you are probably just reaching for the same thing because it’s convenient and easy to access. Reorganise the items in your wardrobe. Take anything out of your wardrobe that you hate, and box away anything that is not current season and give yourself more space. Take some time to look through what you’ve got and actually think about the different ways you can wear it. I love doing this with clients as it literally gives so many more outfit ideas just by rethinking clothes you already own.

4. Try not to wear jeans

At this time of year, the challenge is real. It happens to me every year when it gets really cold you get dressed in the morning like a robot. Jeans, layers, chunky knit, on repeat. It will be so hard to break out of your rut with this routine so try to MAKE yourself not wear jeans at least a couple of days per week! Try a dress with tights and ankle boots, or a pair of leather trousers even. Throw on some cropped trousers you have with a sparkly sock for warmth. Think outside the box and try not to wear your jeans. Note to self 🙂

5. Update your jeans

Saying that…I think one of the best ways to feeling like you have a new lease of life to your wardrobe is updating your denim. You might well have been in the same style of jeans for the past 10 years. Changing just the shape of your jeans even subtly can do wonders for how you feel in your clothes. Suddenly everything will feel much fresher. Depending on your body shape go for a high waist wide leg, or slightly cropped straight leg. Try and step away from the skinny jeans and bring your look in to 2018. I love Topshop and And Other Stories for high street jeans and Re/done,  Paige & Frame for a higher end buy.

6. Invest in your outerwear

If you follow me on instragram you’ll know I always go on about coats and jackets in the UK. Nothing makes you feel like you’re stuck in a rut more than feeling like whatever you  wear you plonk the same coat over your outfit. With different options you’ll feel fresher and feel like you’re breaking your usual mould. Start to think about getting dressed from your coat layer first and suddenly you’ll feel like you can quickly and easily create different looks. A trench, a bomber, a biker jacket, a wool cocoon coat, a faux fur and a bright rain coat will all work wonders to lift your look.

7. Remember – it’s all in the detail

This sounds silly, but I don’t feel dressed unless I have my earrings in! They don’t have to be statement and bold, but I wear earrings every day. Mostly simple gold hoops but I have lots of different gold studs etc. It really is all in the details. Even if I throw on a hoodie and a coat, if I have earrings in it somehow makes me feel polished. Start it tomorrow and see how it makes you feel. Even going all out and getting a new ear piercing is a fun way to add a bit of newness to your look 🙂

8. Give yourself a ban on black, grey & navy

I am sure that if you are feeling that you’re in a style rut, you will have a lot of black and grey in your wardrobe. It is often the colours that people are drawn to when they are not feeling particularly inspired and want to play it safe. By telling yourself you are not allowed to buy black and grey items will force you to look at other things. Even if you don’t go all out with crazy prints and colours try to step out of your comfort zone a bit. Wearing a colour that you don’t usually wear that truly compliments you will attract so many compliments.

9. Go to a new shop that you don’t usually visit

When I shop with clients this is the most common surprise for them. I will often take them to a shop that they would never have considered shopping in before and it gives a whole new lease of life to their look and they always continue to shop there themselves afterwards. Retailers change so much as different design directors come and go, and some seasons are stronger than others. Don’t just stick to the same stores, keep an open mind and try to look around. You will find great pieces in places you never would have dreamed of looking.

10. Accessorise

I’ve mentioned earrings above, but accessorising really is the key to great styling. It is all about how you wear something. Adding accessories can elevate your style to new levels. It’s freezing out there right now and you will probably want to be wearing a hat on repeat. Try one in a bright colour you wouldn’t usually wear, or a new shape like a beret or baker boy. Hats are a brilliant way to change your overall look. Scarfs can also be a really reasonable way to elevate your style. Try to change up the bag you use to give your look a different vibe. I’m always changing my bag which drives me crazy as I can never find anything particularly my lipsticks!

11. Change your hairstyle

I think this is especially relevant after you’ve had a baby and you may have been breastfeeding. I know with both of my babies my hair felt so lacklustre after I’d finished with the newborn phase and both times I just wanted to hack it off and refresh it! Even just changing your parting from side to centre can change your style, and definitely a chop can work wonders. Remember when Posh chopped off those awful hair extensions for the chic ‘pob?’ You hearing me? Transformative.

12. Buy something you wouldn’t usually wear

Make it your own personal challenge to wear something outside your comfort zone. Whether that’s adding a pair of socks to your sandals, or buying a jumpsuit when you’ve never owned one before. Just go for it, have fun and remember that it is all about trying new things. There is no need to fear it – test the water and see how you feel, and I bet you will feel amazing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. As ever please do let me know if you have any thoughts or comments. I’m available for wardrobe edits and personal shopping and I love nothing more than helping other women find their true stylish self. All services and pricing are in the menu above.

Libby xx

What I learnt at London Fashion Week


Wow, what an amazing few days it was visiting London Fashion Week. Seriously I had the best time and have been on a bit of a come down since Sunday but I have so many amazing memories that I will cherish forever. I was so honoured and excited to be selected by Wendy Elmore, Director of London College of Style, to attend LFW as part of the college reporting team alongside fellow Stylits Claire McNestry and Miranda Holden. Between us we rushed around, worked hard and laughed a LOT. To be named as One to Watch by the college one week, and on the reporting team at LFW the next really was a dream come true and I’m so grateful for all the support the college has given me since training with them back in November.

I thought rather than talking you though the day by day (which you might have already seen on Instagram), I’d reflect back on the experience and think about the observations I made. So here’s what I learnt at Fashion Week:

  1. The people watching opportunities are incredible!

I think this was possibly one of my favourite parts of the experience. Growing up in London, loving fashion I absolutely love feeling inspired by walking around on the streets, seeing what people are wearing, how they put things together. Just getting the tube somewhere in London is enough to get me feeling creative when I spot a girl’s outfit and admire what she’s done. I’ve always loved checking out and appreciating girls outfits on a night out and this was just inspiration galore. Everywhere we went there were ‘fashion girls’ hanging around, waiting for shows or queuing somewhere. I papped some of my favourites but seriously I could have gone on all day every day. It was a brilliant way to get feeling inspired. If you google “LFW street style’ there are hundreds of pics and you can get inspired for yourself.


2. Literally ANYTHING goes

Where I live in Hackney there are lots of creatives who have amazing style and at times dress in quite a unique way which I love to appreciate. Fashion week was on another scale! It was amazing. I’ve mentioned how it was incredible to watch people but what I also learnt was that you really can wear absolutely anything you want and no one would bat an eyelid. Yes, everyone is watching and checking everyone’s outfits out but I really didn’t feel judged at all. Claire McNestry nailed it when she said ‘you could have come in your Micky Mouse pyjamas and no one would have thought anything of it.’ So true. You can go all out and dress up to the nines, or chill in jeans and trainers. It doesn’t matter. It’s all about whatever vibe you’re feeling and whatever look you’re wanting to rock. Imagine something you’ve been dying to wear or a look you feel like you’ve had no where to go to try it? Fashion week is the time. So refreshing and so so fun.


3. The models are friendlier than they look!

Models are notorious for not smiling on the catwalk (they aren’t allowed) and while they are waiting behind the scenes, they may be exhausted having walked in goodness knows how many shows beforehand. BUT when you have time to chat and get to know them they are often really friendly with a really interesting story. I met models from China, Albania, France, Manchester and Russia to name a few. Some of them are really young and away from family for the first time, and some of them are juggling other jobs, working fashion week to make some extra cash and trying to build up their portfolio. We waited quite a while backstage with them all and they were generally very welcoming and up for chatting to pass the time. Not what my first impression was at all but I love that people always surprise you.



4. Diversity of body shape has a very long way to go

I was really pleased to see a huge diversity in ethnicity of the models at the Fyodor Golan show. The outcome was a much more interesting and in my opinion beautiful mix of girls. BUT I have to say, there was a HUGE lack in body shape diversity across all the shows I went to, and really only one type of body shape being represented. This is such a shame and unfortunately completely unrealistic but having been involved, I also understood a bit more about why this is…I watched two fittings sessions with the designers. This means at some point before the show when the designer and stylist decide which model is going to wear which look. All the garments roughly need to fit each girl to make the ‘fitting’ easier. So that she can be put in to the dress/look the designer wants her in with no adjustments needed. It would be amazing one day to see these garments made to fit to larger measurements so that a more diverse range of body shape is represented but it’s something that is going to take a long time to change I am sure. In the meantime, I love following models like Charli Howard who celebrate their body shape and represents women with a more realistic size.

5. It is a real occasion

The atmosphere felt like a carnival or street party. All around the strand it was completely buzzing with people hanging around, chatting, peacocking their outfit creations. There were reporters and musicians, street entertainers and protestors. Everywhere you go there is something to look at. You can make a real occasion out of it and make a whole day of it. It was such a fun atmosphere and you could really go to town on making it an occasion.


6. Photographers are everywhere

Literally everywhere you go there were photographers, trying to get ‘the’ pic of the day. It was quite intimidating for two reasons. If they start papping as you walk past them it feels weird and if they don’t it’s also a bit awkward! But they were there, and not going anywhere. My socks and sandals got a lot of attention as did Claire’s bright yellow Zatchels bag which was photographed a LOT over the few days were there. It was entertaining that’s for sure.

7. Getting dressed up to get papped is a thing

We witnessed girls that were dressed immaculately in outfits, often coordinating with their friends and looking AMAZING. As people were queuing up for a show with their ticket, these girls would hang around nonchalantly looking at their phones and getting papped by the photographers and then when everyone starts to go in to the show, they slope off! They either don’t have a ticket or aren’t interested in going, they are just there to get photographed. Eye opening but true!!


8. Little sunglasses are a big, big thing

Yep that’s right, the little sunglasses trend is big and I don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon. I saw loads of girls rocking little skinny sunglasses, often worn at the end of their nose a la Gigi and Bella and I must say, I’m not yet convinced…

9. You will walk a lot

The shows happen in lots of different venues across London and you may need to get quite quickly from one show to another. It is definitely worth carefully considering your shoe choice, as you will be in them all day, and will be walking a lot. We started off in Kings Cross, headed down to The Strand and then to Covent Garden. Thankfully my high heels were comfy but had they not have been I reckon the day would have been a very different story!


10. I get what the FROW is all about

I’ve always seen the front row at fashion week as being all about status. That if you get to sit there it means you’ve made it and it is a place to be seen. Maybe stupidly I’ve never really thought of the fact that the experience of being on the front row is absolutely the best experience you can get. Being that close to the clothes, feeling the movement of the garments swish past you and the clomp of the models heel on the runway is just breathtaking. I was lucky enough to sneak in at the front at Zeynep Kartel and it was a moment I will always remember being so close to the action.

11. It’s worth taking any ticket you can get just to get in there

But saying that, I would appreciate the opportunity to go to a show whatever seat I was in! You still get the feel of the drama being in the room, despite whether you may be 4 rows back or even standing. It’s all an amazing experience and you will see some beautiful creations and get really inspired.

12. You can volunteer directly with designers

If you would like to go to some of the SS18 shows, you can volunteer directly with designers to dress for them if this is something you’d like to do and you can show you are qualified to do so. When I was dressing there were others there who had just directly approached the designer a month in advance offering their skills. In terms of the shows you need to be invited by the PR but there is London Fashion Week Festival to go to which kicks off tomorrow and you can buy tickets for lots of cool events.

13. You will laugh a lot

At times backstage it’s quite tense and high pressure, as the show is nearing and tensions are starting to mount you can feel the atmosphere in the air. During show time it is non stop, changing models in to outfits and ensuring they look immaculate. In between it all however there is lots of time to wait, whether it be backstage or waiting between shows. This gave us so much opportunity to have fun and get to know people. I didn’t know Claire and Miranda at all before I did Fashion Week with them and we have such a great time, sometimes crying laughing at things that happened. It was good for the soul and they were a pleasure to hang out with.


14. If you’re name’s not down you’re not getting in

Seriously. There is no blagging your way in to anything! Not that we tried. But everywhere you go the security is really strict and you have to show a ticket or wristband. You need to have proof on entrance so never expect to turn up and just get in.

15. It’s tiring but amazing

There are early starts and late nights. You are on your feet a lot during the day and waiting in between shows. There are a million people to meet and a million people’s names to remember but I honestly absolutely loved it all! It felt like one big massive celebration and was such a fun thing to be part of. I always say that fashion is for fun and this was a prime example to me that really when you just have fun with it and enjoy it for the incredible art form it is, there is nothing more amazing. I literally cannot wait to go again!!


As always, please let me know if you have any questions.



Silk Scarves and How to Style Them

I am going to blog more in 2020. There, I said it! I love writing and always have so I need to do it more. I’m starting with this one because it seems that whenever I do a wardrobe edit for a client, there is more often than not a box of scarves and accessories in the wardrobe. This always leads us on to talking about whether or not to keep them. Often they have sentimental value and so the answer is always – if you love it, yes. I wanted to throw this quick inspiration guide together for you, to give you some easy ideas of how to mix silk scarves into your everyday looks. As always any questions please do drop me a note I always love hearing from you! All images are found via Pinterest.

In your hair:

I am a big fan of scarves tied in my hair and whenever I throw my hair up quickly, I love the fact that adding a scarf just adds a bit of interest and looks more put together. So simple yet so cute. It doesn’t have to be big and bright either – any colour or size will do. Loop it through your hairband to ensure it stays in all day.

Around your neck:

This is such a cool addition to an otherwise very simple outfit and takes a matter of seconds to do. I love that this girl has it tied on top of a polo neck and has added it in to layers. She has kept it monochrome but anything goes and you can go as wild with colour as you wish.

Over your shoulders:

Note how effortless this looks. It is the last layer over a warm coat/blazer and is simply thrown on and left open. This is an ideal look to do with a larger scarf. It’s perfect for when spring hits. I’d love to see some simple gold necklaces layered with this look too.

On your bag:

This is something I do a lot in the summer. You could be wearing a very laid back jeans and a white tee look but adding a scarf to your basket bag is a really great way to add interest or colour and maybe coordinate with your earrings or sandals for example. Mix them up depending on what you are wearing. And if you don’t have a basket bag, why don’t you have a basket bag?!

On your head:

Ok so this might sound strange but honestly, this is one of my favourite looks ever. I love seeing ladies rock this I think it just screams GLAM. Particularly on a beach in the south of France or sat outside a cafe in Paris! Double knot it to keep it in place and push it back slightly to reveal the front of your hair. The big oversized dark sunglasses keep it cool and stop it from being ‘granny.’

I hope that this has provided you with some styling inspiration and made you think about trying some of the looks with your scarves. Please let me know if you do and tag me if you are posting so I can see them! As always thank you for reading I never take it for granted that you came over here and spent time. Until next time!

Libby xx

Key pieces to make your wardrobe work for you!


My goodness it’s been a while – which is crazy because I love writing these blog posts but somehow life has got in the way recently.

Black Friday – argh!! What can I say. I love clothes but I find Black Friday a bit much and each year increasingly so. How many emails?!! The ‘buy buy buy’ mentality is something I try to move my clients away from and help them to make more considered decisions. Like all sales – Black Friday can get you buying unnecessary stuff that your would NEVER have purchased otherwise! However – with some careful thought and consideration is can also be a great chance to bite the bullet and go for some investment pieces,

So…with Black Friday looming and so many people asking me what I would buy I thought i’d put this together. Please – this is by far a sales tips off, best deals analysis. This a go to list of things that I always find super useful in a wardrobe to pull different looks together and make everything work hard for you. It is a list of things that I would find handy as a starting point to then pad out with other things you love. I wanted to put this out there today so that you can potentially use it to guide some great bargains tomorrow but this is a go to list that won’t date and that you can keep referring back to. Here goes…

A leather jacket.

I would be lost without my leather jacket. Simple. Mine is so old and very worn (I like it that way but could probably do with another)! The ability a leather jacket has to dress anything down is a dream – one of my favourite styling tricks and something I’ve been doing for years. Stick on over any dress and it adds an edge to it or layer under any coat and immediately get those luxe autumn vibes. Remember if you are petite to go for something a little more cropped and of you have big boobs avoid large lapels and too many zips. The leather will get better with age and you’ll grow to love it like your own child 🙂 My fave places for leather jackets (for Black Friday purposes) are All Saints (for more edgier look), Reiss and Whistles for more classic and Acne if you want to go all out and splurge. That said my leather is actually Topshop and it’s lasted well.

A leather skirt/trousers

A-line, mini or midi, paper bag skinny or tapered, a leather skirt or trousers is an investment piece but you will get your wear of them! Never out of fashion they look as good with a tee and trainers as they do with a knit or fancy going out top. I love how you can use them to add texture to your look, by adding knits layered over lace or with a velvet jacket and if you are curvy and have a fab waistline – getting your skirt/trousers to fit you beautifully on the waist and tucking a top in can be a perfect way to make the most of your figure. With a skirt, f you are happy to go short and get the legs out just make sure that it hits at the right point and avoid anything ‘just above the knee.’ It needs to be clearly above or below knee length to look modern. Re trousers, if you hold your weight round your tummy and have great legs opt for a skinny style but if you are curvy and have a great waistline opt for something high waisted. There are some great options in Zara etc but honestly I can’t tell you how good i think the Whistles leather skirts are. True to size (never size up as leather will stretch). And Other Stories also brilliant for leather trousers.

Denim jacket

90s yes but oh how I love my denim jacket! Again, so so useful to layer. I am always sticking a denim jacket under my winter coats to keep warm and add interest. It is a great texture/colour to break things up while remaining useful. Plus come spring/summer the use for your dd will know no ends when you throw it on over any summer dress. I would opt for a mid wash to get the most use (it looks lovely with leather). Gap is a great go to option for everyday good quality or medium range J Brand. You can even go more statement and get some embellishment (which looks amazing used as a simple basic denim jacket just with added detail). Sandro have some great embellished options.

Good jeans

The holy grail, and one which I just love to help my clients nail. It is so time consuming finding jeans and the satisfaction I get from helping a lady find ‘the one’ is untrue! Listen – once you know which jeans you love you can rebuy them in different colours etc and the search is over! Ok, so I love Topshop jeans.  They have a great range of shapes and they are affordable. Plus they keep very current with shape so that you know you are getting something that is relevant. Personally I like a move away from skinny and i opt for a straight leg (slightly more room at the bottom so they go over your boots) but a skinny will always be classic and are great for a more dressed up look. If you want to make use of discounts I know Net a Porter have 25% off some of their denim brands. I love Re/Done (vintage Levi’s reworked) and Grlfriend for great shapes.


Ok listen, I’m not saying your jumper repertoire needs to all be cashmere – that would be unrealistic and a bit of a dreamworld BUT the look and texture that cashmere will make to your overall look is a thing. It looks looks refined and even the simplest basic in cashmere looks somehow smarter. Plus its warm! I love cashmere layered with leather and with denim. I would begin with a simple crew neck (ensure it is fitted if you have big boobs or go for a v neck to elongate), and maybe a roll neck. Sometimes discounts don’t apply to cashmere but it’s worth grabbing some if they do! Uniqlo or M&S are my go to for basic cashmere pieces but I would also say that Gap are great and if you have the cash and want to be a bit more statement the Bella Freud cashmere jumpers are to die for and a purchase you’ll love for life.

Good sunglasses

Yep – something so simple can elevate your style. Just. Like. That. Since I was very little I’ve admired elegant women and am always so intrigued to understand the details that make them so. I guess spending a lot of time in the South of France growing up I was exposed to that chic French lady look but I would always want to get further – yes she looks glam/elegant but WHY? And you know what…they will always have an amazing pair of sunnies on. Worn whether in hot or cold weather, when the sun shines the sunnies are on. By amazing, I don’t necessary mean expensive (although they probably are)! I just mean they are glam. Now…for all the sunglasses trends out there (I could not handle that tiny sunglasses thing) one look that to me will always cream glam is the large, oversized dark frames as worn by Audrey Hepburn or Sophia Loren. And the best bit (you can get to throw you sunglasses on,look glam in an instant and no one needs to know that you’ve not got a bit of make up on. Literally you will put instantly put together. You don’t have to spend loads to get the look (I have lots of very affordable pairs and I like Vow & Le Specs for mid range). The high street is also fab for sunnies (Mango a fave). However, if you want to make use of Black Friday I would go sunglasses and I would go big. Celine sunglasses are my fave.

A leather cross body bag

A lot of my clients are mums, and they want to look great but I know only to well the need to by practical too. A cross body bag is the handiest addition to your everyday wardrobe. Mum or not, it looks great and allows you to have your hands free and your belongings safe. Investing in one good quality leather bag is for me a no brainer. You will use it LOTS so price per wear is minimal, and a little bit like my point above, your bag will simply lift your style. It’s simple. Ok, so yes – if you have the money then hell yeah go for Chanel, YSL, Celine, Gucci etc but if you don’t there are increasingly some great mid range options out there. Personally if you are going to go high street and spend £200+ on a leather bag, I would be tempted to spend approx £100 more and go for something a bit more special. My favourite options are: The APC for the half luna bag, DeMellier (as worn by Megan Markle, Paradise Row and Danish brand Wandler (slightly more pricey but I love the shapes). Selfridges have 20% off already but check out Matches & Net a Porter for their discounts too.

A good coat

You may know by now that I bang on about outerwear a lot! In the UK this is so important. You can have all the nice clothes and the best look on but if you always stick the same old coat over then you are going to look the same! Changing up your outerwear for me is the key to changing up your overall look. There is no end to the coats you could make use of in your wardrobe; a puffer/duvet coat, a wool grey, black or navy coat, a checked coat, a leopard coat…the list goes on. They are so so useful. However, they can be pricey if you buy good quality (and personally I think that coats are worth investing in). You will honestly receive so many compliments if you have an amazing coat! A great thing to buy while the discounts are on. I love Jigsaw coats, they are always great quality but if you want to go investment MaxMara and Joseph are to die for in their coat departments. Keeping it real and reasonable try And Other Stories for great cuts and colours or  Cos for a great classic piece.

A great quality scarf

Such a simple basic thing but you know what, a good scarf will make such a difference to your winter wardrobe! I have bought so many scarfs over the years. Lots of them look amazing when you buy them but my goodness do they look shoddy after a while and each year you need to replace them. Buying better quality will not only keep you warm it will look better for longer. I love the way that a luxe scarf makes a statement so subtly. If you think about price per wear it is a no brainer – I can’t leave home without my scarf during the winter months. And Other Stories do a great affordable large sized wool scarf for £40 in lots of different colours (scarves in a colour that looks amazing on you are a great way to add colour to your overall look) but if you want to go statement and good quality I would be very tempted by an Acne scarf…in fact one might just be in my basket as I write…

A statement dress/top

Owning an amazing stand out dress/top is a no brainer because you will always have a go to piece to reach for when you’re having a ‘I have nothing to wear’ moment. I have a Rixo dress that never fails to lift my mood when I wear it and I would say that having just one dress like this that can be layered with a turtle neck under or a chunky knit over is so useful. Buying during Black Friday is obviously a great way to get it at a more affordable price but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. It just needs to make you feel great and be your favourite dress! Brands to check out would be Ghost London, Rixo, Kitri, Vampires Wife (amazing but expensive) and Ganni although the options are endless! Check out Selfridges – go to dresses, sort by midi/min/maxi then by the price you’re willing to spend and you will find it a super handy edit of potential pieces to invest in!

I hope that was helpful! I didn’t mention any shoes in that because in my opinion that’s a whole other blog post. Please let me know if that would be interesting/helpful for you.

A Style Bird x River Island Style Studio



It really was such an honour to host my first private style event with River Island this week. I had such a great time, the buzz in the room was amazing. We laughed, chatted, talked bodyshape, style and confidence, got excited and SHOPPED!


Thank you to those of you who came. It was such a pleasure to meet so many new faces and to share my top picks with you. I’ve had so many messages since asking what my suggestions were, so am sharing  some of them with you here. Below is my edit of all the fabulousness that River Island currently as to offer.

How cool is the line up on my rail below? I wanted everything!!


First up, I talked about how huge bold bright colours are going to be for SS18. They were seen everywhere on the catwalks with everyone from Victoria Beckham to Givenchy sending out bold bright head to toe looks. I have to say I am delighted about this trend! It’s such a fun way to get you outside your comfort zone and try something new. RI have translated this brilliantly.

This top was on my rail. The quality is lovely and perfect for the transitional period where you might not feel like you want to invest in more knitwear but you’re not quite ready for summer tops. Fab sleeve detail and waist tie is made for a pear shape. Simply leave off the belt and wear loose if you want to skim over your tummy. I love the styling here of clashing an earring with it.


I also love this fab wrap top. I know it looks a bit scary as it’s cropped but worn with a pair of high waisted/mid rise jeans you are not going to be showing much flesh! Amazing on most body shapes but stay away if you don’t like your tummy area for obvious reasons.



This top comes in a range of bright colours and has a really lovely thickness to it. The wider straps give the look of a cami but are not so exposing. The V neck is great for elongating and the loose fit can be either left out, tucked in or blousoned over a skirt or jeans. Check out all the colour options and get creative with styling, using it to clash, pop or go head to toe colour.


Even stripes are going bold and bright. Wear them in every colour of the rainbow, and even wear a whole rainbow stripe.


Trench coats are seriously having a moment, and are a great piece to buy right now which can be worn very easily, casually day to day. Perfect transitional piece too as it’s lightweight. I can’t find the one I picked online but this is a good option:


Trenches of all kinds were everywhere on the catwalks. Balenciaga sent out a deconstructed wonder with mismatched panels. Reimagine the classic trench in different guises and colours. The classic stone colour may not necessarily suit you, so keep your mind open and think about investing in a trench that compliments your skin tone. You could work 2 trends together – brights and a trench with a piece like this…


I chatted about how I’m loving clashing colours too. This might be clashing brights, or pastels, or mixing up variations of patterns. Unusual colour combinations that buzz and pop together. I am LOVING pink and green at the moment. There is such a freshness to it and it’s just screaming springtime. Love this combination using the bright pink knit of dreams over the cross back cami. Keep your mind open and your imagination strong and really have some fun mixing and matching.


If I can work a hoodie in to a look I will…remember to check out menswear XS/S sizes for fab hoodies and oversized knitwear. A brilliant piece that you will want to wear again and again. Buy one in a colour that lifts you and wear proudly under a trench. School run style has never been so easy.


Next up we have pastels. MASSIVE for SS18. Think all the ice cream shades. Soft pinks, greens, blues, lemons and lilac. I talked about sticking with colours that suit you and wearing a trend in the best way for you. If a pastel/bright shade doesn’t suit you, try and wear it away from your face or incorporate it in to your looks as an accessory or pair of shoes. There was a really great pair of pale blue pastel cords on my rail. They aren’t online but keep an eye out for them in store! I loved them.

Team pastels together – Celine had the most beautiful combination of lilac and lemon in the softest subtlest shades. Be creative with mixing shades, or lift a pastel with a bright statement earring or pair of trousers.

I love this pastel pink knit. So soft and really nice details on the wide sleeves.


This shirt is handy for lots of different styling opportunities. Perfect with denim shorts or skirt and sandals in the summer but use now to layer under jumpers and work the pastel trend playing with colour combinations. The back has a lovely cross lattice detailing – perfect for summer days.


You will see polka dots everywhere for SS18. Keep monochromatic for a super chic classic style. Wear head to toe, add it in through an accessory or pop on this top for a fab fun vibe. Love it.


And while we’re on the subject of polkas. Can we just talk about how amazing this top is!!





It would be impossible to leave out checks, which continue to be huge for SS18. Rework existing checks in your wardrobe by teaming them with brights and pastels, or buy in to a more current look and opt for brighter checks in other colours than greys and beiges. Like this pink check coat. You can never have too many coats and jackets in my opinion and you can have so many fun styling opportunities with this one. Pastels, brights, knits, denim jacket layered under. The fun is endless.


Or clash over another check with this amazing trouser suit.


Love the white shoes above. I absolutely love the current white shoe, boot thing it gives me all the cool scandi girl vibes that I just can’t get enough of. Love these babies…


I could go on and on…but I will leave you with my choice of outfit which I absolutely loved wearing on the night and will continue to style all the different elements in different ways.


The jeans are just amazing. Totally love them. Mid rise, sightly cropped straight leg with a distressed edge. These are true to size I would say and fit like a dream.


The blazer speaks for itself and can be worn in so many ways. In the cold weather I will be layering it under a grey wool coat or wearing it over a red jumper for a colour clash dream.


Who knew River Island had so many cool logo tees? There are loads of cool options, but I think on the day I walked past the ‘feel good’ one and must have felt like it was going to give me all the positive vibes! Search online and filter by tees to check them all out. Alos check out the brilliant new charity campaign tees. Totally love this one.


For a bit of a clash, and a nod to Pantone’s ‘colour of the year’ ultra violet, I opted for a simple ultra violet court shoe. They are on sale and almost sold out but you may have luck in store.


So there it is. I had the best time ever. River Island has some amazing pieces currently and I had so much fun selecting my faves and sharing them with a bunch of wonderful women.

Spread your wings, fly high and remember always that fashion is for fun!

Libby xx