I’m Libby I’m a personal stylist. I live in London with my husband and 2 children and I recently decided to follow a dream to do the job I’ve always wanted to do. I’m passionate about helping other women to feel happy and confident and I totally believe that clothes have the ability to change the way you feel about yourself. I can help you to feel truly amazing in the clothes you wear, which can, in turn impact your life.

I love clothes. I think constantly about outfit combinations. I am continuously admiring other women and the way in which they put clothes together, and I love to shop! But it hasn’t always been this way. Having been incredibly confident with my style and sure of what I liked, it all changed when I had my first child and I suddenly felt lost and unsure of my style identity. I simply didn’t have the time to spend finding clothes I liked, or the headspace to create different outfit combinations. My body shape had changed, I didn’t know what suited me anymore and I hadn’t read a Grazia article in months! I didn’t realise at the time but I look back now and see that this had a huge impact on my identity, general self-confidence & happiness. Over time, through the clothes I wore, I found my true self again and I have never been happier. I want to take you on the same journey of self-discovery. I want to help you feel confident about the way you dress, so that you too spend every day with a spring in your step. I want to help you feel amazing.

Through my Personal Styling training with The London College of Style, and first-hand experience of styling 100s of women for high street store Whistles, I’ve gained a deep understanding of the struggles and challenges that women face when it comes to style and I know how to help. I work with any budget you come to me with and am as happy shopping in New Look as I am in Selfridges. Each service I offer is completely personalised to suit each individual client.

I live and breathe my job and it is a true joy to help other women. I care about how every single one of my clients feel and really spend time getting to know you so that you feel comfortable, cared for and supported during your styling session. Personal Styling isn’t just for celebrities these days. You too could live the dream!

I’d love to hear from you.

Libby xx